Sidana Institute of Education

Management Committee

Mr. M.P. Sidana (President)

Professor M.P Sidana is M.Sc.(Chemistry), M.Phil and has served as a lecturer at D.A.V College, Amritsar for approximately 16 years. He is an established name in Chemistry Teaching and specializes in coaching students for competitive exams of Medical and Non-Medical streams. He has helped thousands of students to become successful doctors and engineers under his guidance and consultancy in the subject. He is hardworking, sincere, devoted and passionate for teaching

Sh. Banarsi Das (Vice President)

Sh. Banarsi Das is M.A(History), M.Ed and is a retired a government teacher. He has put in approximately 35 years of his service in government schools of rural areas. He is a man with integrity who places moral values above everything else. he believes in simple living and high thinking and has successfully helped thousand of his students to settle in life in India and abroad.

Dr. Jeewan Jyoti Sidana (General Secretary cum Cashier)

Dr. Jeewan Jyoti Sidana is Ex-Dean, Faculty of Education, Guru Nanak Dev University and presently serving as Principal. She is M.Sc (Maths), M.Ed, UGC-NET and Ph.D (Education and Mathematics). She has ten years of teaching experience and eight years administrative experience as a Principal of Education College. She has guided eight Ph.Ds to completion with an additional two scholars who are carrying out their research work under her supervision. She also has 8 research papers to her credit. She is also the Manager of Sidana International School, which is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi upto Senior Secondary Level for all the streams.

Dr. Amar Jyoti (Executive Members)

Dr. Amar Jyoti is M.Sc(Chemistry), M.Ed and Ph.D in Education. Presently, she is serving as Principal, BCM School, and Ludhiana. She has established her name as an educationist and administrator.

Sh. Kewal Krishan (Executive Member)

A Businessman from Rajasthan, Sh. Kewal Krishan has an earnest desire to contribute towards the field of education.

Sh. Surinder Pal (Executive Member)

Sh. Surinder Pal is a businessman who wants to promote education for a better tomorrow.

Ms. Ramina Sidana (Executive Member)

Basically, a Computer Engineer, she believes in the teacher to be technically skilled and impart their knowledge to the coming generations. With a rich heritage and Indian roots, our teachers should be multi skilled to give a cutting edge to the students of this country.