Sidana Institute of Education

ICT Resource Centre

In order to cater the diverse needs of students, ICT Resource Centre is well equipped with latest equipments. The students are making outmost utilization of resource centre under the supervision of experienced faculty not only to gain practical knowledge of curriculum but also to prepare Power Point Presentation and working electronic models to clear the various concepts of Information technology. ICT Resource Centre enables the pupil teachers to use I.T Skills for Professional growth as well as Teaching Learning Environment. The Resource Centre is fully network for file, printer sharing and Internet purpose. There is the broadband Internet connectivity on all the systems.

Sr. No. Items Number
1. Computer with configuration Dual-Core 2.4 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 1.60 GB Hard Disk, LCD Monitor. 40
2. Printer HP Laser Jet 01
3. Scanner(Canon) 01
4. LCD Projector Epson 01
5. Intranet ALL PC
6. Internet ALL PC
7. Software / courseware (CDs) 36
8. Video resources 01 VIDEO CAM.
9. Teaching Aids and other related materials TVs, Charts, Models, Still Slides, camera
10. Charts 15
11. Working Model 05
12. Static Model 05
13. Flannel Board 03
14. White Board 01
15. Chalk board 01
16. Chairs(Red-40, Black-20) 60
17. Computer Table 20
18. Teacher Table 01
19. Teacher Chair 01
20. Switch 48 Ports 01
21. Networking Hub 01