Sidana Institute of Education

Psychology Resource Centre

This centre is well equipped with Psychological Tests and Apparatus used prospective teachers and teacher's educators, research scholar and faculty for psychological testing and research. Students are given training in the conduct of practicals related to Intelligence, Personality and Interest etc. as per GNDU syllabus. The Detail of psychology tests and apparatus are as follows

Sr. No. Test Name Author Name
1. Problem Solving Ability Test(PSAT) L.N. Dubey
2. Bell's Adjustment Inventory Dr. R.K. Ojha
3. Mental Fatigue Dr.Vivek Bhargva
4. Verbal Test of Creative Thinking(TCW) Baquier Mehdi
5. Study of Habit Inventory (SMI) M. Mukhopadway & D.N.Sansawal
6. Study of Values Dr. D.K. Ojha
7. Educational Interest Record (EIR) Dr. S.P.Kulsherstha
8. Vocational Interest Record Dr. S.P.Kulsherstha
9. Non-Verbal Test of Creative Thinking Baquier Mehdi
10. A group of Intelligence for Adults S.S. Jalota
11. A test of Intelligence for special studies
12. State-Trait Anxiety Test (SIAT) Sanjay vohra
13. Bhatia's Battery Dr. C.M Bhatia
14. Eysenck's Personality Questionnaire(EPQ) H.J. Eyesneck
15. 16 P.F. Questionnaire (16 PRQ-CR) 16 PRQCR FORM-A R.B.Catell
16. 16 P.F. Questionnaire (16 PRQ-CR) 16 PRQCR FORM-B R.B.Catell
17. 16 P.F. Questionnaire (16 PRQ-CR) 16 PRQCR FORM-C R.B.Catell
18. 16 P.F. Questionnaire (16 PRQ-CR) 16 PRQCR FORM-D R.B.Catell
19. 16 P.F. Questionnaire (16 PRQ-CR) 16 PRQCR FORM-E R.B.Catell
20. Self Esteem Inventory M.S.Prasad
21. Social Maturity Scale (SMS-BJ) Dr. J Bharth Raj
22. Teaching Aptitude Test (TAT-PS) Dr. Jai Prakash & Dr. R.P. Srivastava
23. Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT-MH) Murray
24. Career Preference Record


Sr. No. Name of Apparatus Material Required
1. Mirror Drawing Apparatus Drawing Sheets & Electronic
2. Human Maze Learning Pointed Electrical
3. Memory Drum with Manual Hand Operated
4. Finger Dexterity Board
5. Card Sorting Tray with cards & anodized number plates for habit interference.
6. Steadiness Tester
7. Stop watch