Co-Curicular Activities

Our philosophy of Education is directed towards the development of global citizenship and is based on care of the individual. The central core of our Awareness Programs is a holistic approach for the individual student and the knowledge and understanding of the benefits of exposing young people to a wide variety of experiences in a safe, structured, learning environment. Our Awareness Programs have traditionally included Music, Art, Drama, Dance, Social Experience, Sport, Physical and Religious Education to extend and enrich the creative, cultural, environmental, social, physical and spiritual development of every student.

The main aim to add the art and Craft Program in the school is to develop creativity among the students so that they get trained in each and every possible manner as it has cathartic effect on students that helps in enabling them to cope up within their environment also. The whole idea is to orient students towards their career which ultimately proves to be very much beneficial for their bright future.

The school provides facilities for learning the various instruments in a well equipped music room.