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Our Management

General Secretary's Message

It gives me immense pleasure to see Sidana Institutes entering into another year of their successful operations.

I congratulate all the passing graduates, their parents, the management and the faculty of Sidana Institutes and all associates.

I highly appreciate the hard work done by dedicated team in establishing and successfully running the institute. SIDANA INSTITUTES not only have one of the best campuses in the city, but also has well equipped labs,updated libraries and latest learning techniques .In addition, the institutes have employed innovative teaching methods and technologies.

Sidana Institutes are playing a dynamic role in the development of Punjab , especially through contribution in the fields of education and skill development.

Sidana Institutes have taken various initiatives to make sure that the fruits of education reaches where it is required the most.

I am confident that Sidana Institutes will be able to meet the challenges of human development in the days to come and I also believe that the faculty and students of our institutes will continue to achieve various milestones with passion, commitment and enthusiasm.

Wish you all a Great Career Ahead !

Dr. Jeewan Jyoti Sidana
General Secretary
Sidana Institutes