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Our Management


At the outset, let me congratulate all the students and faculty of Sidana Institutes for a successful completion of the journey till date and to step the next academic session.

Sidana Institutes have come out with flying colors during the past years and have grown by leaps and bounds. The concentrated efforts of the team have shown great results. With a modest beginning , Sidana Institutes have now become a name to reckon with.

To my mind an educational institute is not just about bricks, mortar and concrete, but about building character, enriching minds and about enriching experiences that lasts a lifetime. Life is not a set of instructions but is series of experiences processes. Studying is no exception. This is where Sidana Institutes step in - to make a differences and where learning is not just series of instructions but a passion, which goes beyond books, beyond instructions, beyond learning horizons.

Our institutes are engaged in supporting the students to refine the necessary skills, attitudes and the aptitudes towards the corporate placement process by the way of periodical competitive tests and group interaction exercises. The efforts of the institutes are also directed to accommodate and address the expectations of each student by the way of enabling him to participate in the seminars, workshops organized in and out of the campus. Sidana Institutes have taken a great leap forward in career vuilding of students and the results are encouraging.

I wish good luck to all my students for their Glorious Careers ahead.

Mohinder Paul Sidana
Sidana Institutes