Sidana Institute of Education

Mathematics Resource Centre

The resource centre is equipped with various models, charts, books & other Instructional material available in the resource centre. It enhances the ability of the prospective teachers to think & reason, to visualize the handle abstractions & to formulate & to solve problems, thereby making mathematics education accessible.

Sr. No. Name of Working Model
1. Factor of Quadratic Equation
2. Cyclic Quadrilateral
3. Pythagoras Theorem
4. Volume of Right Circular cylinder
5. Algebraic Indentify (a+b+c)2
6. Types of Angles
7. Area of Circle
8. Algebraic Identity (a+b)2
9. Angle subtend under the same arc of a circle are equal.
10. Exterior Angle Theorem
11. Types of Matrices.
12. Algebraic Identity(a+b)2
13. Frustum of Cone