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Life @ Campus


Every institute has its own libraries as per the norms of approving & affiliating bodies.


COMPUTER LABS The Sidana Institutes chooses to lay special emphasis on ensuring that its graduates are ready for the technical challenges of an information society. There are number of computing facilities available in the campus.

Access to Internet resources such as E-mail and World Wide Web are also available to students. Computers with word-processing and DTP Software are available.

Training programs are conducted to impart in-depth knowledge in the latest software technology.

LANGUAGE LAB In Information era language forms a basic aspect in Science, Technology and Management studies. Bearing this in mind, Audio Visual and Audio active Language Lab has been set up. This enables the students to learn English grammar and pronunciation correctly.

It help students to prepare for IELTS, Spoken English and other competitive examinations, the same helps our students to develop their communication skills, as well as a challenging step towards the real-time environment.


To undergo events like seminars, conferences, cultural programmes, debates, skits and pre-placement talks, Sidana Institutes have an auditorium which facilitates the students to carry out their activities in the right environment, smoothly and with ease.
The Auditorium is fully equipped with latest Audio-Visual Electronic Devices to accommodate students for various activities.
Seminar halls are also available for meetings, workshops, Students Presentation, Project Presentation, Panel Discussion and Interactive Sessions.


First-Aid and sick room is set up in the academic building. One qualified health assistant serves the institution to take care of the first-aid centre. The management would provide periodical medical checkups with a team of doctors for the benefit of the students. Medical camps are organized to bring awareness in students about good heath practices.


Seminar Halls are one of the major assets of an institution. Sidana Institutes have made every effort in creating Seminar Halls that are fully equipped in every aspect. Facilities like:-

All of these are used not only by the faculty and the students of the Campus but also by the external persons who comes to give motivational lectures/academic presentations in our college.


The Campus provides an environment for the students to develop their personality and a good health. All facilities are available for sports. Institute organizes Yoga & meditation session for stress release and good health. There is a Sports Department which dedicated to AIR Marshal LT. S Arjan Singh for his tremendous effort & exemplary services towards his country. He belongs to place of Kohali which is very close to institution. A large playground in the campus is well equipped for cricket, hockey, football, volleyball, Badminton & Athletics and other games.

Elaborate arrangements exist for both indoor and outdoor games and sports. The Annual Sports events are held every year in the college at which a large number of teachers, non-teaching staff and students participate, thereby fostering the spirit of co-operative living. Football, Cricket, Table-tennis and Carom are some of the most popular games encouraged among the students. The College participates in most of the games, sports and tournaments conducted by the University.

Our college has a playground where the students are trained in various Sports like Volley ball, Foot ball, Hockey etc., by different coaches and experienced physical directors.

Sidana Institutes stands tall among competitors with the entire advanced sports infrastructure at campus. For the overall development of students as well as to take care of their physical, mental and social well being sports are must. We believe the true road to permanent success in any sphere is to make yourself a master in that sphere. Our motive is to maximize access, development and excellence at all levels of participation in sport in order to improve social cohesion, nation building and the quality of life. The aim of the Sports Council is to address and discuss pertinent issues that relate to the growth, promotion, support and sustenance of the sport in the province.


Separate Hostel facility is available for Boys and Girls on the request in the city.


The College Canteen is a large spacious area where a variety of refreshments and meals are available. It tends to be the most popular place on campus, not only for physical refreshment but also for student bonding, discussions and even work on assignments and projects.

A hygienic, well-furnished and well-equipped cafeteria is available in the campus to provide food at nominal rates for the staff and students. The Cafeteria in the Campus is the hub of every student activity.